Cactus Flower Collection

The Cactus Flower Collection is fine silver jewelry.  Inspired by an initial vision of a three-dimensional piece, the Cactus Flower Collection was created as a unique take on advanced Precious Metal Clay techniques.  I started coating saguaro cactus skin with fine silver, and as I refined the technique, designed jewelry that showcases the three-dimensional shapes of cholla cactus, mesquite cactus, tree bark, and eucalyptus bark.  (Being bored in class has its creative advantages!)  It is organic jewelry, created from responsibly harvested organic materials, then kiln fired after many layers of fine silver have been applied. The result is true statement jewelry, as no piece can ever be duplicated.  Fine silver is 99.9% pure. 

$625.00 USD
$65.00 USD
$175.00 USD
$83.00 USD
$58.20 USD $97.00 USD
$150.00 USD
$125.00 USD