The Earring Collection

Janice Stiles
The Earring Collection
I thought it might be interesting to create posts featuring my beautiful collections - Pendants, Cuffs, Cactus Flower, Gemstones, etc. starting off this week with Earrings. 
Throughout history earrings have served various purposes, including cultural expressions, personal adornment, and even spiritual significance. They have been worn by men and women across cultures and have continually evolved to reflect changing aesthetics and societal norms.
I invite you to discover the allure of my handcrafted earrings, where tradition meets innovation. Each pair tells its own captivating story and radiates a mood of elegance and fun.


Mixed Metal Dangles

Among my enduring and highly favored designs are these Mixed Metal Dangles, a style that has always been admired and one I enjoy recreating again and again. Each pair is unique due to the meticulous hand-hammering process, ensuring that no duplicates exist. This makes the three-tiered mixed metal earrings a fusion of artisanal craftsmanship and wearable art expression. 

Patina and Pearl Round Earrings

I have a passion for Patina. I love creating interesting pieces with copper that can be altered by chemical reactions. And, I love that it sometimes is out of my control! How creative is this, and how fun is it to mix pearls with sterling and patina?
London Blue Topaz Earrings
You may have noticed I do many earrings in a circular shape. I think this is one of the most flattering styles of earrings for many face shapes. These .5 inch Topaz earrings are a little smaller than my usual .75 inch earrings and offer a more delicate look.
Sterling Copper Swirls
Coming up with new designs is a fun challenge. You never know what is going to appeal to clients and hope that your designs will resonate with them. These are brand new and I am wondering if, like other new styles I create, I have to tweak the design a bit to make them perfect! I'll find out...
5 Pearl Dangle
Occasionally a client asks me to do a design that is not in my collection. These 5 pearl dangles are a result of that request. Pearls are one of my most favorite gems to work with so adding these to my earring collection was absolutely a must.
My earrings are not mere embellishments; they are manifestations of my creativity and artistry.  Each pair is an exclusive treasure waiting to accentuate your personal style. 

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