The Colors of Fall

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The Colors of Fall
The Colors of Fall

Ever wonder why leaves change color each fall?


 "The vivid, often simple colors on the outside are the products of the complex chemistry of growth inside a leaf. Take the yellows and oranges, for example—the dominant colors of aspen, ash, birch, beech, hickories, maples, some oaks, tulip poplar, and sassafras—generally, these colors come from compounds called carotenoids (also responsible for the color of carrots) which are present in the leaf during the growing season."


 "The green chlorophyll, the workhorse of photosynthesis, dominates and covers up those carotenoids in summer. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures cool, chlorophyll degrades and goes from green to colorless, allowing the oranges and the yellows to show up. These colors are present in the leaf during its growing season."


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The Farmers Almanac

 Copper Cuff

Copper/Kingman Turquoise Silver Fusion Cuff -  View

Adding a piece of copper jewelry would fit perfectly with a fall palette, and a gorgeous copper cuff is the epitome of fall. The addition of the turquoise stone is reminiscent of the beautiful turquoise blue skies we see in the autumn.

Copper Dangles

Copper Rectangle Earrings - Shop

The first day of fall, also called the Autumnal Equinox, arrives on Saturday the 23rd of September at 2:50 A.M. EDT. The full moon that occurs around the equinox is called the Harvest Moon as it relates to the farmers’ fall harvest. To read more about the Harvest Moon click here

Golden South Sea Pearl

Golden South Sea Pearl - View

This South Sea Pearl, with its golden honey color brings to mind yellow autumn leaves and would be a beautiful complement to your fall wardrobe. 


Citrine Pendant

Citrine Pendant - Shop

One of the most gorgeous fall gemstones that we will be featuring in November, is this Citrine with its beautiful amber color. The reticulated sterling silver and the touch of 14-Karat gold make this a must have piece.


For more wonderful fall related items, check out my Patina Collection and the Gemstone Collection where you will see apropo colors of rubies, emeralds and peridot.


Interested in a special order? Send me an email and we'll create the perfect piece, together!




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Cindy White
Cindy White
Love all the information about the changing fall leaves and the copper/turquoise cuff is beautiful!

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