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Janice Stiles
Purchases from the Tucson Gem Show

The Tucson gem show this year was a delightful experience. It's not just a single "show" but rather a sprawling event encompassing over 40 locations, each with its own set of entry requirements. Tucson comes alive during this time, with approximately 65,000 visitors flocking to the gem show annually.

FRiends at Gem Show

Kristin, Shelly, and I ventured to Colors of the Stone, JOGS, and Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers. At each venue, we were greeted by a significant crowd, and throughout our visits, gathered a wealth of useful and interesting information. One of the main things apparent to me, is that I need to raise my prices!

To begin with, there's been a significant increase in pearl prices! White pearls now cost roughly twice as much as they did last year for the same level of quality. I'm not exactly sure what the increases will be. It will be determined on individual design and the components used, but for sure prices will increase April 1st. Therefore it is a good idea for you to check out our Collections page to secure a good price on our instock jewelry.

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Pearl Boats - Peacock

Peacock pearls were difficult to find, the quality uneven, and prices were about three to four times what I’ve paid before.. Eventually, we engaged in a fruitful conversation with one vendor who informed us that pollution is affecting the pearl beds, resulting in a shortage of the beloved peacock color I adore. 

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London Blue Topaz Earrings

The gemstone shopping experience was quite intriguing. And of course gemstone prices have increased also. Surprisingly, some vendors I've had long-standing relationships with, didn't have the specific stones I was seeking. It took some effort to locate 8mm lab rubies and 6mm amethysts. However, blue topaz and white topaz proved to be particularly elusive, but after some perseverance, I managed to find them in the end.

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Sterling Silver Adjustable Chains

Many of my pendant pieces come with an adjustable chain. Often customers use this as an add on to a piece they are purchasing or an existing piece in their collection. I was fortunate with chains this time around. Silver adjustable chains including both snake and rope varieties, have gone up over 20% since I started using them several years ago. Even though I have faced stock shortages and fluctuating prices from my vendors, I managed to secure a good quantity of each without exceeding the budget entirely!


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