Sapphire Blue

Janice Stiles
SApphire Blue
As the days grow shorter and autumn approaches, September emerges along with its designated birthstone: Sapphire.

Blue, Blue, Blue...

“A global survey indicates that blue is the most favored color across the world.” With the exception of red, sapphires exhibit a spectrum of colors. Nonetheless, it is both the rich and enchantingcornflower and "royal" blues that come to mind when people think of sapphire.


Sapphire Pendant


Sapphire Pendulum - View


Sapphires, with a history tracing back to ancient civilizations, have been cherished for centuries. They were frequently linked with royalty and were thought to represent qualities such as wisdom. loyalty, nobility, and divine favor.

This beautiful lab created sapphire, set in a reticulated sterling pendant with a gold fill accent, is both stylish and elegant and would complement a wide range of outfits in your wardrobe.


Sapphire Dangles


Sapphire Dangle Earrings - View

In the realm of precious gemstones, Sapphires stand alongside Diamonds, Emeralds, and Rubies as part of the honored “Big Four”. These four gemstones hold a place of exceptional value and desirability in the global market. Like the other “Big Four” gems, Sapphires are extremely durable ranking of 9 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This makes them appropriate for your everyday jewelry wear.


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