Ruby Will You Be Mine?

Janice Stiles

Oh yes, Ruby Baby – this is my Birthstone which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. Rubies are precious gemstones known for their vibrant red color and exceptional beauty. I’ve seen it in shades of pinkish red to very deep crimson with Pigeon’s Blood Red being the most valuable, desirable, and highly sought after shade of Ruby. 

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Did you know Rubies are one of the “big four” gemstones along with Diamonds, Emeralds, and Sapphires? It is a very hard stone, factoring in at 9 on the Mohs hardness scale which makes it a perfect choice for everyday wear. But remember, while Rubies are durable gemstones, they still require proper care of gentle cleaning and protection from harsh chemicals to maintain their beauty.

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 More often than not, Rubies, like other gemstones, are subjected to heat treatment which is a wildly accepted practice but should always be disclosed by the seller. Heat treatments are done for various reasons but primarily to enhance color, give more clarity and for stability and durability. As a result, heat-treated Rubies often command higher prices compared to untreated stones.

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Historically, India was a significant source of Rubies, and the country continues to have a rich heritage of gemstone cutting, polishing, and craftsmanship making it a prominent hub for the trade and processing of Rubies. Today you can find Rubies mined in areas all over Asia including Mozambique, Thailand, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.


This gemstone has been highly prized and sought after by royalty, nobility, and collectors for centuries. In many cultures, Rubies symbolize passion, love, courage, and vitality and are often associated with power, wealth, and luxury. Whether admired for their vibrant color or cherished for their symbolism, Rubies stand as a testament to the enduring allure of one of nature’s finest treasures. If you had to pick a shade of Ruby to add to your jewelry collection, which would you choose?


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