New Designs and A Big Thank You!

Janice Stiles

After last weekend's successful Arizona Sage Market show, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my friends, family and customers, those supporters who have been with me from the beginning and continue to stay with me.

  • To my family, who has championed my endeavors through the years, and is always there encouraging me and giving me positive reinforcement, I am profoundly grateful.
  • To my friends, thank you for sharing your invaluable ideas, tips, and tricks to help my business continue to grow, you inspire me.
  • And to my loyal customers who have purchased, again and again and given me the financial reinforcement and inspiration to continue on, I am so thankful.

I am deeply indebted to all of you and could not continue to create without all your wonderful help and support.


On a slightly different but no less important note, I would like to introduce you to a few of my new pieces I have been working on.

Check them out below...

A new addition to my jewelry line is this reticulated sterling silver disc. I have topped it with a smaller circle of polished gold fill, then adorned it with the addition of a 9mm freshwater pearl. I love the look of the mixed metal combination of this pendant. It is elegant yet has a casual feel making it endlessly versatile.


These similar dangles, combining the reticulated sterling silver and polished gold fill, would make a great complementary pair of earrings to go with the above necklace.



Here I have designed a lovely stylish, and modern necklace of hammered sterling silver angles with an 8x10mm lab grown sapphire drop. Measuring 3"x1", this newly created piece makes an obvious contemporary statement.



Tres Elegante Designs


Interested in a special order? Call me at:


We'll create the perfect piece, together!

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