March into Spring with Vibrant Green Pieces

Janice Stiles
Four leaf clover
Green, The Color of March
Can you see the 4 leaf clover?

Green is the designated color for March. As the month ushers in Spring, it evokes images of vibrant nature—lush grass, budding trees, woodlands, and rainforests. For me growing up in Michigan, the sprouting of new leaves and green grass let me know the world was alive with energy and regrowth and I, for one, was always thrilled to welcome the new season.

Green, the color of Spring and March, is commonly associated money, luck and health. Often thought of as refreshing and tranquil with a dose of optimism, it is a color that revitalizes and balances us. 
Peridot Pendant
Clear and calming green, this unique, handmade peridot pendant is grounding and meditative. Peridot is believed to be the stone of compassion and believed to bring good health, peace, and restful sleep to the wearer - all in keeping with the philosophy behind green.
Peridot earrings

Something beautiful to go with the Peridot Necklace are these wonderful round Peridot earrings with sterling silver.

If you go to the website to look at these, you may see they are "out of stock" but actually they are at the

The Sonoran Arts League Gallery

7275 E Easy Street #A104

Carefree, AZ 85377

You can see these pieces and others from my collection from March 1 - May 2.

Oval Malachite Pendant
A deeper shade of green but none-the-less, extremely beautiful is this gorgeous Malachite Cabochon wrapped in sterling silver. 

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Malachite Dangles

The matching Malachite earrings in the same shade of dark green would make a perfect pairing with the Cabochon necklace.

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Emerald Pendant

Last but not least I want to show you Emerald - the ultimate springtime gem. Often called "the Jewel of Kings", it is one of the more valuable and desired colored gemstones. This particular piece is done with reticulated silver and both 22-karat gold and 14-karat gold fill accents. Pricey? Yes, but worth it!

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