"Is It Real?"

Janice Stiles

One of the most frequent questions I get, either at the gallery or art show, is:

“Is it real?”

What they mean by that is: Are my metals, pearls, and gemstones authentic? And it’s a great question.

At Tres Elegante Designs, I use only authentic pearls, gemstones and metals. If it looks like a pearl-it is. Reach out to me at treselegantedesigns@gmail.com if you're curious about how to tell if a pearl is real!

It’s very important to read or ask for the description of a particular piece. I’ve seen websites that may tell you what the stone is, but then the ear wires are “sterling dipped,” just a fancy way of saying “plated!”  All my ear wires and studs are real sterling silver, and I say so!

An image of a pendant with a dark pearl in the center.
There are a lot of concerns in the jewelry industry, especially online. Most customers are not looking for “cheap” but desire a good value-they want a piece that is “worth it” and is good quality for a great price. That’s exactly what I offer!

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