Golden November

Janice Stiles
Golden November
Citrine - My Favorite Gemstone for November
November-born individuals are lucky to have two splendid gemstones to celebrate their birthdays. The first is Topaz, which is found in a range of hues with blue being the most acknowledged. As much as I love blue Topaz, my personal favorite for the November Birthstone is the vibrant sunny yellow Citrine.
Citrine Pendant

This is a beautiful Citrine pendant, which I introduced back in my September newsletter. It is adorned with 14-karat gold-fill wire, reticulated silver, and a suspended round citrine stone, and is a gorgeous and desirable piece.

Citrine, derives its name from the Old French word for lemon. Its warm hue, believed to be a gift from the sun, makes it an ideal choice for adding radiance to the typically chilly autumnal month. Citrine crystals, nicknamed the "Light Maker," boast a luminous yellow color that mirrors their lively energy. These crystals act like a dose of Vitamin C for the soul, spreading positivity and joy wherever they go.
Citrine Dangles

Citrine refers to any quartz crystal or cluster with a yellow or orange hue. Natural Citrine is relatively rare. The yellow color, caused by traces of iron, is unique in nature, making untreated Citrine exceptionally precious. Most Citrine available in the market undergoes heat treatment, especially those converted from more common quartz types like purple amethyst or smoky quartz. When subjected to heat, quartz varieties transform into the stunning golden shades that Citrine is known for.

I work mostly with heat treated Citrine because of its reasonable price and availability. The above Citrine earrings with hammered sterling silver discs are lovely examples of heat treated gemstones.
This wonderful pendant is a raw Citrine nugget wrapped with sterling silver. It is a fun and casual piece of jewelry that will elicit great complements and upgrade a simple jeans and sweater look.
It is believed by some that Citrine stones symbolize sunshine and light, bringing positivity and brightness into your life. The thought is that having this stone nearby fills your surroundings with a sunny energy, helping you stay optimistic and connected to your inner light.
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