Fall Favorite Feature: Hammered Copper Earrings

Janice Stiles

Late fall is a cozy and elegant time of year. Many of us are spending more time with our loved ones, preparing for festivities, and perhaps treating ourselves to a few treats to get through the busy months! So we all deserve to have a pair of earrings that perfectly capture the warm, bold approach we're bringing to our work, our family time, and our celebrations. I think that Hammered Copper Earrings are exactly the right choice. 

Hammered Metal Technique

A mainstay of metal jewelry design, the hammering technique is exactly what it sounds like; when the metal is malleable, I create designs by tapping the metal with a hammer in a special pattern. Jewelry hammers come in many shapes and sizes, allowing for subtly different patterns, including deep, direct points, or wider, shallower craters. No matter which hammer is used, though, hammering metal takes a flat sheet and adds new dimension. This creates a dappled, organic look.

With silver or brass, this technique reminds us of a rolling sea or shifting sand dunes—airy, bright, and full of movement. With copper, the hammering technique heightens the drama of the metal, adding eye-catching shadows that recall canyons and arches of brilliant southwestern sandstone. 

Much like many of the Tres Elegante Designs jewelry techniques—like reticulation or fold-forming—hammering is part of what makes each piece truly one-of-a-kind. Because I am hand-hammering, no two pieces could possibly be exactly alike, as there is a natural randomness to how hard I hit the metal, which hammers I choose, and what temperature the metal is at when I am creating a design. 

model wearing hammered copper disc earrings and a patina and pearl necklace

Check Out the Tres Elegante Designs Hammered Copper Earrings

Do you ever wish your basics weren’t so...basic? Here comes copper jewelry to make that dream a reality! Simple enough to go with any outfit, but handcrafted with hammered detailing, these earrings have an undeniable knack for making your straightforward looks as special as you.

Pair with a patina and pearl necklace for added gravity. Click here to purchase.

Hammered copper disc earrings with pearl

Check Out the Tres Elegante Designs Hammered Copper & Pearl Earrings

Excited to try a unique look, but hoping to limit your wardrobe revolution to your accessories? Handcrafted copper jewelry with white pearls is the way to start! With classic round pearls and earthy, hammered copper, you can express a new style, but still match everything in your closet!

Pair with any classic pearl necklace for a complete look. Click here to Purchase.

rectangular hammered copper earrings

Check Out the Tres Elegante Designs Copper Rectangle Earrings

You like to take care of business. These geometric earrings are here to stand strong alongside your confident, no-fuss attitude, the copper jewelry equivalent of a dependable sidekick. Handcrafted with a special hammering technique, your style will communicate your appreciation for both form and function.

Pair with a hammered copper and patina necklace to complete your head-turning look. Click here to purchase.

Love the hammered copper look and want to make it even more unique? Send me an email at treselegantedesigns@gmail.com to chat about creating a custom piece! 

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