Care and Cleaning of your Tres Elegante Designs Jewelry

Janice Stiles

Curious about the most common question I get from customers? It's about the best way to clean and care for their new jewelry. In general this is not difficult question to answer and much of it involves common sense.

The simplest and safest way to clean gemstones and the majority of your jewelry involves a small bowl with warm water, a bit of dishwashing soap, a soft bristled toothbrush, fresh water, and some flannel or microfiber towels for drying.

Take your jewelry and place it in the warm soapy water and give it a gentle scrub particularly paying attention to the gemstones and crevices in the settings to remove oil and bits of dust. Rinse with clear water and dry with a microfiber or flannel cloth. At this point you can use a small polishing cloth, like the ones that come with your purchase to brighten up your precious metals.

Never ever scrub any of your jewelry with toothpaste or baking soda as it can easily scratch your gold, sterling, or copper and even stones such as turquoise and pearls, emeralds, opals and sapphires.

Patina Earring

The blend of Patina and Copper is a highly popular pairing in my jewelry. I seal my Patina Jewelry to preserve its unique look, and I avoid polishing it to prevent any of the patina wearing off. As for the Copper, it's a different story. You can let it naturally darken over time, or if you prefer, use a polishing cloth to maintain its shiny appearance.

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Silver Fusion

Silver Fusion is mixed metal jewelry, typically it involves silver over copper or over sterling and requires polishing of the silver to keep it bright and shiny. If your sterling gets really tarnished and it contains gemstones, you may want to take it to a reputable jeweler to have it cleaned professionally.

In fact an occasional trip to a qualified jeweler for a health check-up on your jewelry is always advised. You don't want to lose a stone because there happens to be a loose prong on your setting. 

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Mini TurquoiseSilver Circles

Pearls and Turquoise are similar in the way you care for them. A damp cloth or an occasional swish in mild soapy water and a good rinse are all you need.

Be sure to get out that little polishing cloth for your sterling chains and the sterling that surrounds your necklace like the Turquoise Mini or earrings such as the Sterling Circles with Pearls.

Some Do's and Dont's

Don't store or leave your jewelry in the bathroom. All chemicals can damage your jewelry including cleaning products, bleach, hairspray, and perfume.

Don't leave you jewelry out in the bright sunlight. Some gemstones such as Citrine, Amethyst, Emeralds and Sapphires can fade in prolonged direct sunlight.

Don't use rubbing alcohol, bleach, or lemon juice and, as mentioned before, toothpaste or baking soda to clean your jewelry.

Don't use ultrasonic cleaners. Leave that to a professional jeweler.

Don't wear your jewelry in water - particularly swimming pools as the chlorine may cause irreversible damage.

Do wait to put on your jewelry after you have sprayed perfume or hairspray.

Do store your jewelry in a cool, dark and dry place preferably separated in their own pouches or bags.

Do use a reputable jeweler for deep cleaning and to check for damage such as scratches, chips, discoloration, or loose stones.

And Finally:

Do wear your beautiful jewelry proudly; it's a natural creation from the earth. With proper care, it can endure for years and become a cherished heirloom.


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