Birthstone Jewelry Feature: Topaz & Citrine

Janice Stiles
This month, I am featuring Topaz and Citrine, the two birthstones traditionally recognized for November! These birthstones are known for their warm, calming energies: Topaz and Citrine are the perfect answer to the mid-autumn blues! 


Topaz is amazing because it comes in so many colors and it's affordable, even in larger stones. Officially, the November birthstone color is yellow, but because topaz comes in so many colors, I’ve decided to feature blue, to contrast with the yellow of citrine.

Some have suggested that Topaz's name comes from the Sanskrit word tapas, meaning "fire." The ancient Greeks prized topaz for the strength they believed it bestowed. Besides blue and yellow, topaz can be colorless, pink, orange, violet, brown, and red.

Relatively inexpensive, most topaz comes colorless, pale yellow, or brown. Blue topaz comes from the colorless variety and is available in sizes greater than 100 carats. Imperial topaz (a.k.a. 'precious' topaz), with its rich orange colors, fetches prices in excess of $1000/ct.

Topaz registers an 8 on the Mohs scale, but care is necessary to prevent chipping or cracking. To clean this stone, do not use steam cleaning or ultrasonic cleaners as plain, soapy water works the best. Topaz can suffer internal breaks due to high heat or sudden temperature changes, so watch out for those. Also susceptible to chemicals, this birthstone may experience fading through prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat.

Sky Blue Topaz

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A teardrop stone hangs effortlessly from the hammered silver frame of the Sky Blue Topaz Framed Pendant. The exceptionally shaped frame curls sumptuously about the icy blue stone, meandering its way into the spotlight. Mesmerize from afar with this singular piece as you harmonize with your noble self. 

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Blue Topaz

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The airy blue tones of these blue topaz earrings reflect a commitment to joy and a lighthearted approach to business and play. This sterling silver jewelry is perfect for a wearer who loves to sparkle but spends so much time adventuring that the choice of earrings in the morning demands to be no-nonsense. Recognized as the November and Scorpio birthstone, these earrings are a perfect birthday gift.

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Often mistaken for topaz, citrine is a yellow quartz variety found in tones ranging from clear to dark orange. Its name comes from the citrusy appearance of its color.

Today, its attractive color, plus its durability and affordability, make it the top-selling yellow-to-orange gem. The stones with more intense color are considered more valuable.

Citrine’s hues are engendered by the iron content in quartz crystals. Most citrine gems on the market are made by heat treating other varieties of quartz, since the colorization process occurs very rarely in nature. Different geographies yield different shades of citrine, with Brazil leading the world in citrine supply.

Citrine is easily found in sizes up to 20 carats and, because its value does not exponentially increase with carat weight, large stones can be very inexpensive. It is among the most abundant, affordable gemstones on the market. Even fine gems are priced modestly, so practically anyone can fit citrine into their budget!

With a Mohs scale rating of 7, citrine withstands scratches and everyday wear quite well. This golden-hued gem makes a beautiful option for large, wearable jewelry.


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Reflecting a golden yellow tone, this stone adds a solar palette to your outfit, recalling a midsummer carefree attitude any time of year. This art jewelry is perfect for everyday wear or as a twinkling, crystalline addition to formalwear. Sometimes recognized as the November birthstone, these studs are a perfect birthday gift. 

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