Birthstone Jewelry Feature: October Pink Tourmaline & Opal

Janice Stiles

The names of this month's birthstones sound as dazzling as they look: Pink Tourmaline and Opal are beautiful choices for any October birthdays on your list! View this collection below...

Pink Tourmaline 

The ever-vibrant and lighthearted Pink Tourmaline has become a favorite in jewelry because it is available in so many shades, ranging from light pink to hot pink and all the shades in between. The intensity of shade and the color of individual stones can often even vary depending on the angle of view! Tourmaline comes in raw, transparent and opaque.

The price and value of pink tourmaline varies according to quality. While color is a matter of personal preference, the more saturated and brighter pinks tend to be the most valuable. Since Tourmaline is typically a very clean gem, eye-clean stones are expected, although many fine stones have some inclusions. Stones over 5 carats are quite valuable.

Pink Tourmaline gemstones are suitable for all types of jewelry and are uncomplicated to care for, with a hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs’ scale. Typically, tourmaline is not treated. Pink Tourmaline is found in a variety of places around the world, although some of the best quality comes from Brazil.


Pink Tourmaline Pendulum

Check out the Tres Elegante Designs Pink Tourmaline Pendulum!

Most of us want to feel pretty in pink every once in a while. Why not with a one-of-a-kind pendulum necklace, featuring a bright and bold pink tourmaline stone framed in intricate reticulated silver? Traditionally known as an October birthstone and the perfect gift for anyone who loves to approach life with radiance, pink tourmaline is a wonderful choice for yourself or a loved one. This stone is a lab tourmaline. It's 8mm, which is about 2 carats. The pendant measures 1.375"x 1.5" with a 20" chain.

Available now, for $165, on! Click here to purchase!


Opals come in many colors, and usually multiple colors in each stone.

For use in jewelry, most opal is cut and polished to form a cabochon⁠ — this is why opals typically look smooth and rounded rather than angled and faceted like other stones.

"Solid" opal refers to polished stones consisting entirely of precious opal. Opals too thin to produce a "solid" may be combined with other materials to form attractive gems. An opal “doublet” consists of a relatively thin layer of precious opal, backed by a layer of dark-colored material. The darker backing emphasizes the opal’s color, allowing it to stand out more clearly.

Jewelry applications of opal are limited by opal's sensitivity to heat due primarily to its relatively high-water content and predisposition to scratching. 

I recommend opals only for earrings and pendants, never for rings, because they are so delicate. While this makes them fragile, it also creates an elegant, unique look that feels both simple and luxurious. 


Opal Pendulum

Check out the Tres Elegante Designs Opal Pendulum!

Reticulated silver and multicolor opal dance together in this unique pendant, reflecting light, drawing attention, and making a statement. A thoughtful gift for a special October birthday, or an eye-catching way to celebrate the complexities that make us so beautiful, this fine art jewelry is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe.The opal is 8mmx10mm. The pendant is 1.5"x1.5".

Available now, for $165, on! Click here to purchase!

Still seeking the perfect Pink Tourmaline of Opal piece for your loved one? Reach out to me at and together we'll create a custom piece they'll love! 

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