Birthstone Jewelry Feature: June Pearls and Alexandrite

Janice Stiles

In many ways, June marks the start of summer. Maybe you have a fun vacation planned or maybe you are excited to spend time with friends and family. Perhaps you even have some graduations to celebrate or weddings to attend! Whatever your big plans, I hope that this month and the start of summertime treats you all very well and that you're able to attend some of your favorite art shows soon!

June also features two gorgeous and unique birthstones. If you're looking for versatile jewelry to complement your summer styles, or a gift for a June birthday, you can't go wrong with pearls and alexandrite! 


Pearl Cluster

A classic look with a fine art jewelry twist, Tres Elegante Designs pearl earrings and pendants will add the glimmer of summer sand and sun to any outfit, highlighting your inner glow! 

Historically, pearls have been thought to promote faith, charity and integrity. Pearls have been worn for thousands of years and are one of the most sought-after gems. They are the only gems that are created by a living being: freshwater and saltwater mollusks.

Because of their organic origin, pearls are “gems,” but not “stones.” In ancient civilizations, pearls were the ultimate symbol of wealth and social status. They have been associated with love and marriage and were believed to have an ability to protect the wearer from harm. 

Since pearls are grown in a mollusk, they are truly organic and no two are ever exactly alike, unlike gems that are mined from the earth and cut into shapes. One of pearls’ most unique properties are optical, caused by the refraction of light as it passes through multiple layers of nacre.
The unique color combinations that can be seen, especially in sunlight, are called “orient” and “overtones.” These colors cannot be found in inorganic gemstones and cannot be replicated in a lab. Pearls are frequently paired with inorganic gemstones and metals as their luminescence enhances so many other colors!
Pearl Dangles

Check out the Tres Elegante Designs Pearls and Stones Collection!

My love of pearls began at age 11, when my parents gifted me a pearl ring that I cherish to this day. My pearl passion grew deeper when, at 16, my grandmother gave me a set of graduated Mikimoto pearls my father had brought back from the Korean War. This collection, in its diversity of design, celebrates my love of pearls and their inherent versatility.

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Pearls aren't the only June birthstone. Alexandrite, a stone that comes in a variety of colors, including green, blue, red, pink & more, is another option for the sunny folks with June birthdays in your life!

The stone was originally found in Russia, but now small quantities are mined in Africa, Brazil, India & other locations. It is known for changing color depending on the lighting-usually from blue-green in daylight to red-purple at night or in incandescent light.

Naturally mined alexandrite is quite rare and expensive, about $15,000 per carat for top quality gems. Most stones on the market today are lab-created alexandrite, but still “real” stones as their chemical and physical characteristics are exactly the same. Natural alexandrite can contain some inclusions, which are flaws in a stone that occur when it's formed. Lab alexandrite has no inclusions and while still expensive, is a fraction of natural, making it an attractive alternative.

Alexandrite Pendant

Alexandrite is 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it an excellent stone for wearing everyday.



Order Pearl or Alexandrite Gemstone Jewelry Now! 

Curious about creating a custom pearl or alexandrite piece for a loved one with a June birthday? Send me your ideas at, and we will work together to create the perfect piece! 

May you step into the summertime sun feeling classy and confident! 

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