Birthstone Jewelry Feature: January Garnet

Janice Stiles

At Tres Elegante Designs, it is important to us to share knowledge about the stones, metals, and other amazing materials that go into our fine art jewerly designs. This year, we'll be featuring birthstone jewelry each month, and sharing a little bit about the properties, care recommendations, and historical meanings of each stone!


Garnet is the January birthstone & is usually known for its deep red color, although it actually comes in many colors, including a fiery orange.

While many gemstones are heat or chemically treated to enhance color, garnet is almost always totally natural. Cleaning is easy with just a bit of soapy water. Garnet should not be steam cleaned or used in an ultrasonic cleaner. Keep garnets away from other gems in your jewelry box to avoid scratching and be sure to remove garnet jewelry before using household chemicals.

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Traditionally said to represent prosperity and abundance, this regal fine art jewelry, with its deep reddish-brown tones, stands out like a bold lipstick. For a wearer eager to carry historical meaning in an everyday manner, this sterling silver jewelry is a standout choice. Recognized as the January birthstone, these studs are a perfect birthday gift. Wear them with or without the reticulated sterling over copper ear jackets!

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Looking to radiate confidence and sunlight in handcrafted artisan jewelry? You’re in luck — this piece features a 6x8mm pyrope garnet in a delicate but powerful pendant that truly catches the light. Centered in hammered sterling silver, this piece is impossible to look away from!

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Send me an email, at, to special order a garnet piece to celebrate yourself or a loved one this month!

January is a month for new beginnings, and we look forward to a wonderful year of being seen, recognized, and taken seriously alongside all of you wonderful collectors.

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