Birthstone Jewelry Feature: April White Topaz (A Great Diamond Substitute!)

Janice Stiles

Diamonds are April’s birthstone. I think most of us are familiar with diamonds (and what they cost!). I won’t be working in diamonds this year, but have some fabulous white topaz stones that are a lovely substitute at a fraction of the price.

White Topaz

While there are several varieties of topaz, including sky blue topaz, which appear in featured Tres Elegante Designs fine art jewelry pieces including our Sky Blue Topaz Earrings, white topaz is unique for its colorlessness. Its clarity allows it to dazzle like diamonds. 

Check out the Tres Elegante Designs White Topaz Pendant! 

Curious about creating a custom white topaz piece for a loved one with an April birthday?

Reach out to me at with your inspirational ideas, and we will work together to create the perfect piece! 

As the spring continues in full bloom, remember to take the time to celebrate yourself. Treat yourself to brand new fine art jewelry that makes you feel seen, recognized, and taken seriously! 

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