Behind the Scenes: Pendulums & Silver Reticulation

Janice Stiles

I love showcasing my pendulum designs at art shows and galleries—they are so fun to design, and I love exploring the combination of beautiful focal stones and pearls with my silver reticulation technique. If you've been curious about these designs—how they are achieved, why they have the price tag they do, and how I come up with them—I'd love to share some fun details with you. 

Understanding Tres Elegante Designs' Reticulation Techniques

While I put deep care and technique into every single one of my designs, I'd have to say that my reticulated silver pendants hold a special place in my artistic practice. They are what I consider to be my most unique pieces, really showcasing the identity of Tres Elegante Designs as experimental fine art jewelry, drawing from both the precision of geometry and architecture, and the raw randomness of the natural world. 

I've previously shared the nitty-gritty technical details of how reticulation works in general, and in the context of fine art jewelry. As a refresher, reticulation is the application of heat—in my case using a handheld torch—directly to metal—for my pendulums, usually silver—to create texture, which often looks like windswept sand, with complex, natural peaks and valleys. 

View the technique in progress below!


Quality Silver, Dazzling Focal Stones, and the Artist-Jeweler

True artist-jeweler technique begins with sterling rather than reticulation silver. The difference comes in copper content and care of heat application, and to me, it's worth the extra precision required. Pairing beautiful reticulated sterling silver with birthstones, one-of-a-kind pearls, and classically loved gemstones, pendulum necklaces are Tres Elegante Designs' most obvious head-turner pieces.

I love the blend of choice and happenstance that give life to these pieces. Stones and pearls that I have handpicked throughout the year form the basis of a pendulum. I carefully cut the foundational piece of silver to form the general shape. Then it's all about playing with fire, and following what naturally occurs through to its conclusion.

The materials and technique of course come at a price, but I believe that well reflects the fine art quality of these pendulums.

Pendulum Necklace Aurum Accent

Check Out the Tres Elegante Designs Aurum Accents & Prasiolite Pendulum

This silver statement necklace brings to mind a sunrise over a tranquil lake--with its calm bright tones and glints of gold accent, it's perfect for those who are understated and dependable. An 8mm (about 2 carats) pale green prasiolite is the focal point of this reticulated sterling pendulum piece.

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Alexandrite Pendulum Necklace

Check Out the Tres Elegante Designs Alexandrite Pendulum

Reticulated sterling silver outlines a one-of-a-kind alexandrite pendulum element in this unique handcrafted jewelry. Known as "emerald by day, ruby by night," alexandrite is so versatile it changes colors with the light! Said to bring good luck, alexandrite is June's birthstone and is recognized as a traditional 55th wedding anniversary gift, making this artisan jewelry a lovely personalized gift. Pairs perfectly with our Alexandrite Earrings.

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Pearl and Reticulated Silver Pendulum Necklace

Check Out the Tres Elegante Designs Pendulum w/Gray Tahitian Pearl

Exploring the blend of the soft pearl with the ridged reticulated silver, this necklace encourages a bold approach to classic style. 

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If your curiosity is piqued and you would like to ask more questions about this technique, or if you'd like to custom order a pendulum, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at 

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