Beautiful Jewelry with a Titanium Touch

Janice Stiles
Titanium Jewelry
Titanium Blue

One of the more favored colors in fashion and jewelry today is blue. At my most recent shows I can attest to this, and none more popular than Titanium Blue.

Titanium is more durable than silver despite its lighter weight. It will never crack due to its strength, but it is very hard to cut. I have a special set of tools just for the process of cutting titanium.

The natural color of titanium is darker and deeper than silver or white gold – in fact it is a rather boring gray, but through the use of a propane torch I can change it to a beautiful blue.
Torch work
Butane Torch

Working with a torch on Titanium is a tricky but fun technique. And, truly, it is sometimes difficult to get exact colors only because I am using an inexact medium.

I need to work carefully with a light touch and high heat to get the right shade I am going for. The surface of Titanium turns yellow at 300 degrees C, and, reddish/purple at 400 degrees to 450 degrees, but does not begin to oxidize blue until it reaches 500 degrees C (or 940 degrees F). Here is where I need to work quickly and cautiously so I do not overheat and lose that great blue color.
Titanium Earrings
Titanium Necklace

Titanium and Copper Pendant - #377

Pearls and blue titanium are a beautiful combination and I enjoy making wonderful coordinating pendants and earrings for interested clients. There's a special satisfaction when a client returns after purchasing a pendant, seeking a related or matching pair of earrings. It adds an element of fun and fulfillment to my work. 

Titanium and Pearl Climber

Titanium Pearl Climber - #383

Titanium and Pearl Earrings

 Titanium Pearl Earrings - #460 

Although there is no reliable scientific research, there is a lot of information about the healing effects of titanium. Some believe titanium jewelry promotes a balance in the electrical activity related to muscular and nervous systems in the human body resulting in reduced muscle stiffness/pain and improved metabolism.

Titanium, Sterling and Copper Cuff

Titanium Fusion Cuff - #256

This reticulated sterling silver over copper cuff, adorned with its torched titanium accent, embodies classic, timeless elegance and sophistication in the world of jewelry.

And just for fun, a great way to accessorize your new Apple Titanium Blue iPhone 15!


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