Beautiful Blues For December

Janice Stiles
Celebrate December birthdays with a gorgeous array of beautiful blue gemstones. Turquoise, the traditional December birthstone, is a timeless choice that we all recognize. Explore the modern twist with Blue Zircon, another captivating option for December birthdays. For those seeking rarity and luxury, Blue Tanzanite stands out as the most precious gem. Lastly, indulge in the charm of Blue Topaz, my personal favorite among the modern birthstones. Embrace the enchantment of December with these captivating blue gemstones!

Turquoise, the traditional December Birthstone has been prized and worn as an ornamental stone for thousands of years. Turquoise comes from a French word "pierre tourques" meaning "Turkish stone". It was first found in Egypt, as early as 4000 BC, making it one of the oldest gemstones in history.

Large deposits of Turquoise have been discovered in the desert Southwest, particularly in Arizona and Nevada which is why it often featured in Native American jewelry.

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Blue Zircon, not to be confused with cubic zirconia, which is a synthetic diamond simulant, occurs as a brown mineral stone and is bright blue or a pleasing shade of blue with just a tinge of green when heated, a common practice to bring out colors in gemstones. But, were you aware that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause Blue Zircon to fade? However, fear not, as its original color can be restored by placing it in a cool, dark place.

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Tanzanite, a modern December birthstone, was discovered in 1967 as a new variety of Zoisite. Tanzanite was aptly named by Tiffany & Co. to raise consumer awareness. This distinctive gem honors its African origin in Tanzania, the exclusive source of Tanzanite since its initial discovery. Thanks to its popularity, Tanzanite was officially added as an additional December birthstone in 2002.

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Among the stunning blue December birthstones, Blue Topaz holds a special place as my favorite, especially in the enchanting shade of Sky Blue.


While Sky Blue Topaz is naturally very pale blue, its color can be intensified through the addition of heat. Additionally, the Sky Blue hue can be attained by heating white topaz. The application of heat is a time-honored practice in gemstone treatment, enhancing the beauty and value of various raw specimens. This method, employed for centuries, stands as one of the oldest and most prevalent treatments in the gemstone industry.


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