Aquamarine for March

Janice Stiles

March's featured birthstone is Aquamarine. This is an amazing colored stone and its name is perfectly descriptive. It is such a beachy, watery pale blue color, similar to seawater, and a color any skin tone can wear. Most stones have excellent clarity and transparency although they can have inclusions. Color ranges are from pale aqua to deep blue, shades often seen in the ocean.

Gulf Coast

Aquamarine Earrings

These Aquamarine/Sterling Silver earrings and the beautiful Sterling Framed necklace below are wonderful examples of the combination of Aquamarine and Sterling. According to some beliefs associated with Aquamarine, it is thought to possess the power of promoting peace, calmness, and harmony.

 Silver Framed Aquamarine

Care and cleaning for your artful and original Aquamarine jewelry is easy. Warm soapy water is always your safest cleaning method but be advised prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and heat can cause Aquamarine to eventually fade. Protect it and you will be able to pass it on to future generations.


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Aquamarine/Sterling Silver Earrings

Sterling Framed Pendant

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