How To Tell If A Pearl Is Real!

There are so many beautiful shiny objects called “pearls” these day, but it's easy to tell the real ones from the fake ones. To do so, gently rub the pearl against the front of your tooth; if it feels gritty, then it’s a real pearl, whether cultured or natural. If it feels smooth, then it’s not a real pearl regardless of the description. Be careful to not use the edge of your tooth, as you could scratch the pearl!

What kind of pearls are there?

There are really just two kinds of pearls- freshwater & saltwater- with both being real pearls. The details of various pearl descriptions tell a bit about the environment they were grown in as well as the color, size, shape, & price. Pearls come from mollusks even though some folks talk about pearls coming from mussels, which are a type of mollusk. Within the freshwater & saltwater, basic growing conditions have many more possibilities!

Ready to Try Some Pearls?